What Security Audit Tools Should Every Vendor Be Using

You’ve seen the movies where a huge corporation is taken down by a single hacker. This scenario could be a reality, but your security protocols can prevent it. Learn why you need a security auditing tool to fight off those hacking invaders.

Hackers are Always Looking for an “In”

It’s not enough to analyze your system each day with manual verification. Your IT team may be the best in the business, but hackers are numerous and clever. They’re always looking for that single vulnerability. Without an auditing tool, a breach can occur at any moment.

Your firewalls and other security measures are tough, but they have their limits. Adding in the tool will only shore up the defenses with the latest measures. It also takes some of the stress away from your IT team.

Third-Party Audits are Too Irregular

Many companies insist on third-party audits. In fact, your industry may be required to complete these annual checks. Although these audits are helpful for general maintenance, they can’t be used as an everyday defense against threats. They’re simply too irregular.

Work in third-party checks with security auditing tools to cover all of your bases. Threats will be identified with incredible accuracy as a result. You can still be compliant with the third parties without compromising your data.

The Online World is Growing

In the recent past, employees may have gone online for breaks and personal reasons. The company’s intranet was the protected realm from hackers. Currently, online access is necessary for almost any workplace function. Typing in an HTTP or HTTPS address is just part of the working day.

Auditing tools can monitor the website traffic. Those data packets that fly back and forth can easily have a threat embedded within them. Traditional security won’t catch these issues, which makes the auditing tool a critical part of your IT department.

Breaches Translate to Reputation Loss

You need security auditing tools because any breach can lead to reputation damage. No company wants to be in the headlines for data loss. Your customers may not trust in your brand anymore. Reputation loss is difficult to repair, and lost revenue is part of the damage.

When your customers and vendors know that security is a top priority, they will work with you as opposed to a questionable competitor.

Today’s Viruses are Clever

IT professionals used to see threats as they entered the system. They identified and eradicated them. The latest threats tend to be more subtle. They might embed themselves into the system and hibernate for a time.

Security auditing tools can find these threats without fail. Although they may appear benign, their threat can be worse than everyday viruses. These tools are also updated on a regular basis so that they can identify the latest threats that hackers have up their sleeves.

Consider the Linux vulnerability scanner as your security auditing tool today. Protecting your system just got a bit easier in this complex world. Regular scans will ultimately save you money and time.