A Looftlighter Review

A warm, crackling fire on a cold night sounds intoxicating. Lighting that fire and keeping it lit is the problem, however. Learn all about the Looftlighter and how it will make barbecues and bonfires easier to light in no time.

Hot-Air Ingenuity

Lighter fluid and starter cubes aren’t the greatest inventions in the world. You end up with a chemical taste in your food or around the bonfire.

Looftlighter uses the power of hot air with an attached fan. The manufacturer points out that the temperature can reach 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit for an instant fire.

The product is essentially a metal wand with air holes across the housing. Point the metal end directly into your charcoal, wood logs or briquettes. Press the button, and the hot air ignites the solid fuel into a glowing fire.

Electrical Ease

Looftlighters plug right into a standard electrical socket. There’s a 10-inch cord included with the purchase. Keep in mind, however, that this length might be too short for your purposes. It all depends on where you need the fire to be started.

Consider an extension cord so that you don’t stretch the original cord. The product is still safe to use, and it has more versatility.

You might consider a trip to the beach with these Looftlighters. Many of today’s vehicles have electrical outlets built into their dashboards. The extension cord comes in handy on these outings.

Cool to the Touch

When a product heats up to more than 1,000 degrees F., you might be concerned about burns. It gets busy and raucous around a fire at times!

After Looftlighters are deactivated, the heat dissipates almost immediately. The air holes that help the fire become a roaring success are also perfect ventilators. You should be able to touch the metal in a matter of minutes.

If you have a lot of youngsters around the fire, this safety feature is particularly important to have in place.

Indoor or Outdoor Applications

Don’t get frustrated with your fireplace’s logs. Looftlighters are safe to use indoors and outdoors. There’s no open flame or gas involved. The product only offers hot air in exchange for a roaring fire.

Most other products don’t have an indoor application. This feature might sell the product on its own. Store it with your fireplace tools, such as the pokers. Any adult can start a fire at home so that the entire household is warm when everyone arrives back from work or school.

Clever Surprise

A cold drink is one of the best treats to have around a roaring fire. The manufacturer encourages you to drink up with the bottle opener that’s attached to the product.

The opener slides out for instant use and pops back in the housing afterward. No one has to search for a bottle opener anymore. Looftlighters are large enough to find even in the darkest conditions.

Take advantage of today’s technology with a Looftlighter on hand for every fire-building need. Act like a pro around friends and neighbors as your fire roars to life. Warmth and good food are on the way.